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Welcome to The Hurst Johnian archive.  A digital version of our School Magazine first published in 1858 that has continued unbroken to the present day. This joint project of digitisation has been made possible with the generous support of the OJ Club and will take place over three years.

Floreat Hurst.

Letter to the Editor of the Hurst Johnian July 1915

Dear Sir, —May I say a word to commend the practice of carefully keeping one's monthly Johnian as it comes along, and, if possible, getting the volumes bound ? Thanks to a wise and stern father who always insisted on this I have now a nice little row of volumes, and I declare that if my room was on fire they would be amongst the first things that I should try and rescue.

Who is there who doesn't like to have a read before switching off the light at night 1 And what better, at such a time, than a page or two of a past Johnian of your own period 1—and you drop off to sleep, thanking God for having sent you to Hurst.

Therefore, what better advice for each succeeding generation? Keep your copies of the Johnian, and store them away amongst your most cherished possessions; get them bound (suggest it at home as your next birthday present) and they will afterwards be an unfailing source of delight.

I am, Sir, your faithfully, O.J.

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